We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to repair or replace and maintain any of our solutions that you are equipped with.

Today’s consumers have many choices of quality home air comfort systems and our technicians are trained to help you repair and maintain your refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical equipment for your home, office or building. Our team of highly trained technicians take pride in their work and will keep your house, office or building comfortable!



repair or replace faulty equipments

Preventive Maintenance

identify the problems before a failure

 Increase equipment life and reliability

Preventive maintenance increases equipment life and reliability, reduces size, scale and number of repairs. This can lead to lower maintenance cost through better use of labour and materials. This can also reduce emergency repair and overtime. ACMV system preventive maintenance improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency.

Enable higher performance

Preventive maintenance doesn’t just enhance the lifespan of a regularly used equipment, it also enables higher performance. Equipment that is regularly scheduled for maintenance performs better than poorly maintained equipment. Regularly maintained equipment consumes less electricity or fuel than poorly maintained equipment providing cost saving on power costs.

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