We apply our knowledge and engineering expertise to design, install and test medical chillers for reliability and ease of operation – without sacrificing quality.

Medical chillers are uniquely designed for consistency and reliability to maximize the uptime of lifesaving cooling equipment. Our Medical Chillers are designed to keep your critical medical equipment on line so patients can be treated on time and when they need it. Working with hospitals, outpatient clinics and medical equipment manufacturers with an aim to meet the highest standards for reliability, efficiency and design.



keeping your medical equipment going strong

Temperature Accuracy

Precision medical equipment requires accurate temperature control. Capacity modulation options allow us to achieve this level of precision without high degrees of compressor cycling, which can shorten component life. Consistent temperature accuracy equals more uptime for your medical equipment.


Our medical chillers are designed and fabricated with rugged standards using industry-leading components. You can rest comfortably knowing that our medical chillers will maintain a high uptime with redundant circuits and other backup systems. After the initial set up, the chiller will do the rest! When you are saving lives, your medical chiller is the last thing you want to worry about.

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